London Careers Festival Is Coming!

ApprenticeFutures is an initiative by the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers.  We are a Livery Company in the City of London granted a royal charter in 1557, our membership has strong links with the Communications and Content Industries.  You can find out more about us here:

ApprenticeFutures runs the annual two-day Apprentice Careers Event at the Guildhall in London as part of the London Careers Festival.  This event brings together a large number of well-known employers, providers, colleges and universities all of who are involved in apprenticeships.  It also has its own website designed to help anyone seeking to find out more about apprenticeships.  From what an apprenticeship is, potential apprenticeship roles in specific industries and sectors, information and feedback from apprentices themselves about what it is like to be an apprentice, to organisations that can help identify, recruit and manage placements as well as those that give general career advice and guidance. 

The Stationers have supported those undertaking apprenticeships in our Industries for centuries so it is only natural that we continue to do so, promoting and advocating apprenticeships to potential candidates through our membership and through the use of new technology.  We think it is important to encourage and support the aspirations of young people across the country as they consider their post-school choices as well as the ambitions of others who may already be in employment but looking to take on new skills and/or make a career change through an apprenticeship.

Our History

Similarly, The Stationers’ Company started to host Apprentice Careers events from 2018 under the brand of ApprenticeFutures. The event was hosted at Ravensbourne University in 2018 where it was hugely successful, so much so that it needed a bigger venue.  It moved to the Guildhall in 2019 and became a part of the London Careers Festival.  In 2020 it went ‘virtual with 10 employers and their apprentices running sessions for students interested in finding out about their apprenticeship programmes.  

The vision for the London Careers Festival was to bring together these two highly-valued and successful events and amplify them with the many and long-standing industry partnerships of the City Corporation to collaborate on a week-long festival focused on linking learners to professionals, employers and apprenticeship providers across a range of jobs and sectors. Schools across London would be invited to participate with a choice of events and workshops across the week. 

So London Careers Festival was launched and delivered for the first time in 2019! ApprenticeFutures and the Livery Showcase took centre stage over two days at the Guildhall, and a range of employers across London hosted ‘fringe’ career events in their workplaces. There were 5,046 bookings, from 113 schools, hosted by 128 organisations and Livery Companies for events in 2019. 

For 2022 the Monday of the ApprenticeFutures event is devoted to post 16 delegates.  These could be anyone that is considering a career where an apprenticeship is available.  We welcome everyone.  Our exhibitors are keen to speak to as diverse a field of potential candidates as possible and the good thing about apprenticeships is that they open the door to some amazing careers and are designed to give you the learning and experience as you work.

Book Your Place

Booking is now open!  please visit (for the Monday event) and (for year 10s and upwards) where you can book directly onto our event.

We are thoroughly looking forward to seeing you and have lots of organisations keen to talk to you.

ApprenticeFutures: Apprentice Careers – London Careers Festival

A two-day Apprentice Careers event at the Guildhall in London as part of the London Careers Festival. This event brings together a large number of well-known employers, providers, colleges and universities all of whom are involved in apprenticeships.