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Past Events

Stationer's Binding & Freeman Ceremony

We are delighted that we will be once again holding our Stationers ‘Apprentice Binding’ and ‘Freeman’ ceremony in person this year.  It will be on 29 June in the Apothecaries’ Hall.  
Many centuries ago when apprentices were learning their trade they were ‘bound’ to a ‘master’ ie their employer.  They usually did an apprenticeship for anywhere between 5 and 7 years and The Stationers used to help with the cost of clothes, shoes etc if the apprentice and his family were struggling…..
Apprentice Futures - London Career Festival

London Careers Festival Is Coming!

It has been two years since we were last able to host our two-day Apprenticeship Careers Event but we are BACK.  On Monday and Tuesday 27 and 28 June, you will find us at the Guildhall in London.  To attend you will need to book using the London Careers Festival booking site.  We are excited to share the great opportunities employers have available for you and you will hear from organisations that are experts in the apprenticeship sector. They will provide information about how you can prepare yourself for your future careers and you also be able to talk to apprentices that are actually doing it!  

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An apprenticeship with the Evening Standard.

“Applying for the Evening Standard’s apprenticeship scheme was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself.”

National Apprenticeship Week

We recently used the opportunity of National Apprenticeship Week 2021 to celebrate the fantastic success stories of apprentices and employers, it was a fantastic week highlighting the positive impact of Apprenticeships and how they help apprentices build their future.  

We’ve highlighted some of the featured apprentices here: