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Past Events

Apprentice Futures 2023-Event Image

‘This year’s annual careers festival was a great success! We were delighted to be joined by some of the UK’s top employers and learning providers, who shared the exciting opportunities that they had available and how young people could prepare for their future careers. We were also joined by current apprentices who shared their own top tips, advice and apprenticeship journeys. Find out more about how the event went down in this article written by Jonathan Kanengoni, an Evening Standard apprentice supported by the Stationers’ Company.’

Stationer's Binding & Freeman Ceremony

We are delighted that we will be once again holding our Stationers ‘Apprentice Binding’ and ‘Freeman’ ceremony in person this year.  It will be on 29 June in the Apothecaries’ Hall.  
Many centuries ago when apprentices were learning their trade they were ‘bound’ to a ‘master’ ie their employer.  They usually did an apprenticeship for anywhere between 5 and 7 years and The Stationers used to help with the cost of clothes, shoes etc if the apprentice and his family were struggling…..