Stationer’s Hold Binding & Freeman Ceremony

Apprentice Futures - Stationer's Binding Ceremony
We are delighted that we will be once again holding our Stationers ‘Apprentice Binding’ and ‘Freeman’ ceremony in person this year.  It will be on 29 June in the Apothecaries’ Hall.  
Many centuries ago when apprentices were learning their trade they were ‘bound’ to a ‘master’ ie their employer.  They usually did an apprenticeship for anywhere between 5 and 7 years and The Stationers used to help with the cost of clothes, shoes etc if the apprentice and his family was struggling.  On completion of their apprenticeship they could then go to their Master and ask to be made ‘Free’. This would be when they were able to set up their own business and would need the support and approval of the Stationers to do this.  When ‘Free’ their name was recorded in the Apprenticeship Journal (these journals exist today and go back to the 1400s).
This is a fantastic way for us to introduce talented, younger people to our professional network and Young Stationers within The Stationers and a wonderful introduction for the apprentices to people with a huge experience to draw on. 
It is a very moving and historic ceremony that we look forward to every year and to finally be able to be together in a grand setting such as the Apothecaries’ Hall is something to look forward to.
We have around 10 apprentices being bound or made Freemen across two organisations.