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LAT Apprenticeships is a training provider offering a variety of apprentice programmes for companies and employees based in Kent and South-East London.

We are an employer-provider which means we provide our own workplace training. We deliver apprenticeship programmes directly to our staff, taking control of day-to-day learning, assessment, quality and end-point assessment.

This emphasises the importance we place on the quality of the programmes we deliver – our own employees enrol on the programmes as well as learners from other companies. This culminates in diverse cohorts of learners at varying stages in their career, across private, public and not-for-profit organisations, and in small, medium and large companies.

LAT Apprenticeships offers training and development programmes to help you gain technical and functional knowledge, whilst acquiring on-the-job practical experience. As an apprentice, you will earn a salary as part of your professional training and you will gain a nationally-recognised qualification upon completion.

As an apprentice, you will either work at one of our academies or as an employee in a locally-based company partnered with LAT Apprenticeships, receiving fully-funded apprenticeship training and the support of a dedicated mentor. You will have the opportunity to regularly visit a school setting for your training and will work with our highly dedicated apprenticeship team.

If you’re keen to develop your skill-set and broaden your professional network, LAT Apprenticeships can offer you the experience you need to achieve this.

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