Careers Collective

We are a community of experienced, independent careers consultants who are responding together to the universal and critical need for career development support. We are using our collective expertise to deliver fresh content to schools, parents and individuals in order to enable you to navigate the immediate future with confidence and coherence.

Career development is an informed, life-long, self-reflective discussion, supported by experts, which enables us to identify our purpose and use it to bring cohesion to our private, public and financial selves, so that we can fulfil our potential whilst nourishing our mental and emotional health.

Careers Collective will help you to continue your careers conversation. We offer webinars, presentations and articles with thought-provoking insights from industry insiders to shed a new light on working life, as well as a range of practical materials to help career starters and changers to charter their new career journeys. We also offer a consultancy service for personalised coaching and practical support.

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