A day in the life of an Account Manager apprentice

Alex Parkins

Account Manager Apprentice, Burleigh Portishead

Normally, I start my day up at 6:30 – something which took getting used to! Once I have eaten and got showered and dressed I’m ready to go. I begin my half hour drive down to my place of work. 

After I have arrived at work normally the first thing I would do is greet my colleagues and make my office a cup of tea – a necessity before beginning the day! I will then settle down at my desk to check my emails and see what the day has in store. I am treated like any other member of staff and I have responsibilities I need to meet in order to ensure that jobs run smoothly. 

My job as an Account Manager has 3 predominant roles – estimates, booking in jobs and liaising with customers and suppliers. My job is very customer facing so I have to represent my company at all times and always provide a good impression to customers and suppliers alike. 

A quote can range from 250 business cards to a 200 page catalogue. The wide range of work we do in my company means that each day is different and each day brings new challenges. 

I liaise with suppliers on a daily basis, something which I enjoy doing, whether ordering paper or arranging finishing at outworkers. Over time in my apprenticeship I have built up good relationships with suppliers, which is important as we have an equal understanding of the demands that need to be met. 

I go home with satisfaction on a daily basis knowing that I have met customers’ requirements, and expectations, and that they are happy – that means I know I’m doing a good job!