A day in the life of a Lithography Printing apprentice

Liam Walton

Lithography Printing Apprentice, Galloways Printers Ltd

Today I got to work at 9am. Paul, the printer I was to be working with had just come to the end of a job and told me I could start the next one. I firstly read the job bag instructions and began to make the job ready. I put the paper in, the plates on and made sure the correct ink was in. I adjusted the press settings before running a sheet to help run as fast and good quality as possible. As I ran the job, Paul watched over me and gave me tips and advice on where I could improve and things I could do differently. I printed two other jobs under Paul’s supervision and learnt a bit more on each one.

At 1.30pm Paul left as it was shift change over and Liam, another printer, took over from him. I carried on printing under the supervision of Liam and he gave me tips and advice. This is good because each printer works in different ways and has their own methods so it’s great to learn from both of them.