A day in the life of a Client Services Executive apprentice

Amy Elrington​

Client Services Executive Apprentice, Webmart

My day usually starts at 8.30am but can vary if I am travelling – some days I need to catch the train to London to visit clients and other days I have to prepare to give clients a tour of the office. I aim to start my day by looking at my calendar and prioritising my to do list to form a focus and my days objectives.

When I’m meeting with clients I offer them different ideas of what they can achieve with print and how we can uniquely add value to their businesses. One of the great things is that all our clients will require something different, so I am always learning and working with the team to get more innovative ideas back to the clients.

When I am not working directly with a client, I am always being encouraged to continue with my professional development by reading different articles, researching different courses that I could go on or networking events that can keep me up to date with the industry, which I can then also share with clients – so it’s a win, win!

No day is the same, but knowing that I can take control of my own day, be independent and still have support when I need it is great.