A Case Study – British Airways

Why are apprenticeships important to your business?

Apprentices have been an integral part of British Airways’ future workforce and they form our future plans to maintain our world-class airline. 
What sort of apprenticeship roles do you have in your business?

There is an opportunity for everyone at British Airways, from Level 2 to Level 6 apprenticeships, spanning across Business, Customer and Engineering and Operations.
Do you regularly recruit apprenticeships into your business, and why?

Yes – every year we recruit apprentices as they are an integral part of the future talent workforce. 
What difference do apprenticeships make to the sector that you work in?

We have enthusiastic apprentices join our business who can drive the aviation industry forward, embrace technology and create an outstanding and innovative customer experience. 
Where do apprenticeships fit into the future of your business and your sector?

They are essential across all parts of our company and industry. Aviation is ever-changing and always growing, so we need a workforce that reflects that.
What attributes do you look for in candidates that apply to your apprenticeship roles?

Passion and Enthusiasm – we can teach everything else when our apprentices join our programmes, but what we can’t teach is the inner want to go above and beyond, work hard and commit to doing a good job.